Friday, 9 April 2010

Fish pie, yo.

What with Easter, family birthdays and a general lack of any particular desire to improve myself physically, I've spent the last week or so practising my culinary skills (read: "eating like it's going out of fashion"). So I think it's about time to whack some kitchen goodies up in this house. First up, my proper tasty fish pie.

Inspired by a particularly tasty episode of the Hairy Bikers and a total love of almost all fishy dishes, I had a crack at this. It sounds way more complicated and fussy than it actually is, but the end result is impressive enough to whack out at a dinner party. So:

Two big fillets of firm white fish (I use Basa/River Cobbler)
Pack salmon trimmings (Sainsburys Economy range does the trick perfectly)
500ml Milk
2 cloves garlic, a 'half-your-thumb' sized lump of chopped ginger and herbs to taste
Frozen peas
50g Butter
100g flour

- Chop potatoes, and put on to boil (you'll be making mash with these, so boil until soft)
- Chop the onion and herbs, put in a big pan with the milk and the white fish.
- Put on a medium heat until the milk starts to bubble, then take off the heat.
- After 10 mins drain the milk into a jug, and gently flake the fish and the larger lumps of onion etc. into an ovenproof dish.
- Put a handful of peas on top, then flake the salmon on top of that, then put a layer of chopped leek in there.
- Mash the spuds, and grate a big lump of cheese in there to make it sexy.
- Put the butter in a frying pan to melt, then add the flour and mix to form a roux (that's a paste to you).
- Gradually add the milk you've saved from the fish, stirring all the time with a fork until you get a lovely creamy mixture. It might seem a bit thick to start, but keep going, it'll be fine, trust.
- Pour the milk mix over the fishy layers, then put the mash on top.
- Whack the whole lot in the oven at about 180 for 20 mins (good idea to put a baking tray underneath it, as the sauce tends to bubble over the sides.

Enjoy with a nice white wine, or a can of Coke. I don't really care.

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